UVI FilmU.V.I. Handwrap & Machine Grade Films

UVI Stretch Film Braves the Elements

UVI (Ultra Violet Inhibitor) stretch films are in stock and available for immediate shipment. Film is used in palletizing products for long term outside storage.

Weather Wrap is a clear stretch film which provides protection from the elements. The ultra-violet additives protects this stretch film from photo degradation while maintaining strength and load holding integrity during prolonged outdoor exposure.

Weather Wrap U.V.I. formulation is tested under controlled conditions (accelerated aging weatherometer).

Available in hand and machine rolls

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Item # Width Gauge Length Description Rls/Cs Cs/Plt Weight Cubic Ft. Request Quote
UVI18 18" 80 1,500' UVI Handwrap 4 36 34.56 1.69 Get Quote Now
UVI20 20" 80 5,000' UVI Machine Film 1 40 32.00 0.74 Get Quote Now

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