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Pallet wraps can be combined with food film, foil rolls and foil containers all shipping from same plant location making Western Plastics the perfect combination for distribution for volume discounts.

Industrial and Foodservice Product Guide
EZ Bander film
Aluminum Foil Rolls
Foil Container
Printed Films
Litewrapper Disnpenser
New guide Food Film Rolls
Banding Films
Meat Film Rolls
Opaque Rolls
Air-flow Wraps
Extended Core Films
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Updated product guide released. Extensive guide to Western Plastics line includes many exciting new packaging products. Call for copies, e-mail

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Cover Catalog Cover Front Cover
Page 2 Catalog Page 2 Table of Contents
Page 3 Catalog Page 3 Handywrap; EZ Bander
Page 4 Catalog Page 4 Logo Film; Dispensers and Handles; Eco-Max
Page 5 Catalog Page 5 Pallet-Tite - Handwrap and Machine Grade Film; PerformXL
Page 6 Catalog Page 6 Identi Film; Securi Wrap
Page 7 Catalog Page 7 WrapNet; Air-Flow Vented Pallet Wrap; LitewrapperXT;
Page 8 Catalog Page 8 Cover-All Top Sheeting Film; Auto Bander; Printers Wrap Cling and Shrink Films
Page 9 Catalog Page 9 XP Film
Page 10-11 Catalog Page 10-11 Evolution and Evolution Pro Pallet Wrappers And Rover Wrappers
Page 12 Catalog Page 12 Laundry Wraps; Bander Carton Sealing Tape; Stretch-It DSF; Weather All
Page 13 Catalog Page 13 HYBRiD 80 and HYBRiD 80 Plus Films
Page 14 Catalog Page 14 Perforated All Purpose Cling Sheets; Wrapmaster and Foilmaster Safety Dispensers
Page 15 Catalog Page 15 Foodservice Film and Foil Cutterbox Dispensers; Prestige Film, Foil and Containers
Page 16 Catalog Page 16 Slide Cutters; All Purpose Produce Film; Shrink Films; Perforated Film Dispenser
Page 17 Catalog Page 17 El Dorado Foil; Interfolded Foil Sheets; Cater Trays; Mill Roll Film
Page 18 Catalog Page 18 All Purpose Meat Film Handwrap and Machine
Page 19 Catalog Page 19 Foil Containers Rounds, Steam Tables; Lazy Susan, Flat Trays
Back Catalog Back Page HYBRiD80 Plus Engineered Coreless

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