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Artwork requirements

Below are the items that are required prior to printing




Preferred artwork
Vector artwork is the needed format to create printing plates. Below is a list of some.

EPS - Encapsulated Post Script
SVG - Standard Vector Graphic
PDF - Portable Document File (Must be Vector art.)
AI - Adobe Illustrator
CDR - Corel Draw exported as EPS.

IMPORTANT - Please convert all fonts to outlines

Acceptable artwork
Non vector artwork are files like:
Please send Hi-resolution images if possible.

The non-vector formats can be used for reference only but will require the art department to re-create them from scratch as vector artwork which increases the cost of the artwork. Please supply the fonts used along with the artwork.

- Using non-vector art and saving them as vector formats does not make them proper vector artwork.
- Adobe Photoshop cannot create vector art.


The wind direction is very important particularly when used for a machine application.
Wind Direction 1
Wind Direction 1
Wind Direction 2
Wind Direction 2


Provide each color needed for your order. We can print 4 colors.

WATER BASED DISCLAIMER – Exact Pantone color matching is not possible when using water based inks. We always strive to do our best to reflect the colors of the original artwork by using Pantone color values but are not able to guarantee exact Pantone matching due to many variables in the printing process.

Artwork Guide Flyer Download a detailed artwork guide

Artwork Approval Form Download the artwork approval form here

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