Pallet Wrap
Dispensers & Equipment

Item # Description Pieces/Cs Cubic Ft. Request Quote
DP200 Coreless Film Dispenser 1   Get Quote Now
DP201 Heavy Duty Dispenser 6 0.30 Get Quote Now
DP202 Plastic Handle for 3" Core 100 0.23 Get Quote Now
DP204 Handi Ring Holder (Set) 75 0.23 Get Quote Now
DP205 Handi-Grip Holder 50   Get Quote Now
DP206 Band-it Stand 1 14.20 Get Quote Now
DP207 Nelson Wrap Dispenser 1   Get Quote Now
DP212 Litewrapper Dispenser 1 0.80 Get Quote Now
DP214 LitewrapperXT 1 0.80 Get Quote Now
DP214CL Litewrapper XT Coreless 1 0.80 Get Quote Now
DP218 Stretch Protectors 20 0.23 Get Quote Now
CT301 Stretch Film Cutter 24 0.001 Get Quote Now

Tape Dispensers

Item # Size Description Pieces/Cs Request Quote
DP234 2" Solid Steel Frame Heavy Duty T230 24 Get Quote Now
DP235 3" Solid Steel Frame Heavy Duty T540 20 Get Quote Now
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